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COMMERCIAL SERVICES AND MAINTENANCE PLANS: Denali Clean offers carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning to its commercial customers. Regular, professional cleaning not only extends the life of your carpet, upholstery, and tile investment, but also helps create a healthier work environment and reflects a positive image for your company.

We serve the following commercial industries:
• Retail • Hotel • Restaurants • Industrial • Medical

Denali Clean can put together a custom program at special rates to meet your company's specific carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning needs. Depending on foot traffic and use of your facility, your plan may include any one, or all of the elements listed below.

Complete Inspection and Analysis - Written report of findings, recommendations, and suggestions for extending carpet, upholstery and tile life, all along with a comprehensive quote.  

Complete Carpet Cleaning -Recommended at least every six months by major carpet manufacturers. Protects your carpet investment and reflects a positive image for your company. Plus, 24 hour emergency water damage and restoration services are available

Interim Cleaning - Periodic cleaning of high traffic-areas.

Spot Cleaning - Special attention to spots and stains. Emergency service as needed

Office Furniture/Partition Cleaning and Maintenance - Helps eliminate odors and protects upholstered furniture and office partitions from damage due to smoke, airborne dirt and dust. May help to improve indoor air quality for a healthier work place.   

Commercial Vinyl Cleaning: Composite Tile Stripping & Refinishing -

State of the art stripping and burnishing equipment combined with the highest quality stripping and finishing solutions for a final deep rich and durable gloss.

This is one of the most popular floors due to the low installation cost and potential long lifespan. Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) flooring is a high- maintenance floor requiring routine cleaning, buffing, and recoating with finish (also known as "waxing"). However, an investment in the maintenance of these floors is required to ensure maximum life span. The reward for spending the appropriate amount of time on these floors is they can really make your facility shine.

Algonquin IL 847-844-3434 * Crystal Lake IL 815-788-0200 * Palatine, IL 847-991-4900