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Leather Cleaning:
With the use of our extensive line of leather cleaning and conditioning solutions we are able to renew your leather furniture to that original soft supple feel and look.

Some very important information on Leather furniture we would like to share. Consumers are frequently told that the leather they purchased is low maintenance and can easily be wiped off with soap and water. However there are several problems / misconceptions which occur from this lack of information.
  • Low maintenance is usually interpreted as no maintenance. "Protected" leathers have a durable pigmented finish, but not indestructible.
  • The use of non-professional leather cleaning products,( such as soap & water), may break down this durable finish causing the pigment to crack or peel.
  • Improper maintenance directly leads to expensive restoration or replacement.
  • Aniline and Nubuck leathers are not low maintenance, but are extremely porous, and should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis to protect your investment.
  • Leather is purchased primarily for the most active rooms in the house. This choice makes good maintenance a high priority to protect the looks of your investment and for prolonging the life of your leather.
  • Leather tanneries and manufacturers world-wide recommend proper cleaning and protection treatments every six months to extend the life of the leather and prevent premature cracking, peeling and color loss.




Algonquin IL 847-844-3434 * Crystal Lake IL 815-788-0200 * Palatine, IL 847-991-4900