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*Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal

A Multi-Layer Problem
- Pet accidents can cause urine to soak through the carpet into the backing, carpet padding and even into the under-laying floor creating a "multi-layer" problem. The biggest challenge in getting the pet odor out is to remove the contamination from all of the affected layers.

Inspection - Under normal lighting conditions urine contamination may not be visible. Using ultraviolet light we can identify the problem areas.

Degree of Contamination
- We can determine how many layers have been affected and the degree of contamination by using a moisture probe and checking the PH.

Sub-Surface Extraction - The problem area is flooded with a special neutralizer. Using "sub-surface extraction" the contamination is rinsed from all of the affected layers.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! - This process is so effective that in most cases we can guarantee complete odor removal from your carpets. This should make most of your family members happy. Others may feel differently..

Algonquin IL 847-844-3434 * Crystal Lake IL 815-788-0200 * Palatine, IL 847-991-4900