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Using special non-toxic or harsh chemicals, pre-treat surfaces to chemically loosen debris and alter rust, hard water deposits and calcium from grout and tile surfaces.
With high pressure fluid controlled heated water, we extract embedded soil and contaminants from the grout and tile surfaces.
Neutralize, rinse and dry surfaces. An additional option is to add a sealer.

Benefits of Cleaning:
• Removes embedded contaminants, soils and grease.
• Leaves a clean, fresh and sanitary appearance.
•Great for ongoing maintenance of surfaces

Benefits of Sealer:
•Sealer protects tile and grout surface from most spills.
•Repels soil, water and oil based fluids to assist in keeping a clean and sanitary appearance

Algonquin IL 847-844-3434 * Crystal Lake IL 815-788-0200 * Palatine, IL 847-991-4900